Satya Nadella caste

Satya Nadella’s dad BN Yugandar, an earlier IAS officer and former Planning Commission associate, remains to avoid media who have been looking for his reactions. “I am glad (at Satya’s position),” he said. “He is a very serious and hardworking child, and has achieved his aim.”

Microsoft set up its first improvement center outside its Redmond Hills HQ in Hyderabad, Satya’s home town. The Nadella family, belonging to the Brahmin communal, hails from the Bukkapuram town, Anantapur district, Rayalaseema area, Andhra Pradesh. His father’s and mother now live in a housing society flat at the posh Banjara Hills enclave in Hyderabad.

Some months ago, Satya had said the “laid back culture” of Hyderabad had influenced him to think over things and attain in his career.

Satya is wedded and has three kids. The family exists in Washington State.

Satya Nadella's dad Yugandhar is recognized as a very committed, honest civil servant, and not one person knew his caste through his tenure for the reason that he didn't wear any surname advising it. He actually says publicly that he hates Eenadu publication [which consciously puts his caste title]. Satya's dad in law K.R.Venugopal too is a class separately between civil servants, and respected among advanced and dalit intelligent circles. Now, some irresponsible paper writes his title as Yugandhar 'Naidu', while some other casteist papers recognize his child as Satyanarayana 'Chowdary'.

Not one person has felt any embarrassment in the fact that Mr. Yugandhar shut his door to the media, and switched off his handset and disconnected his landline. And now these 2 images of old world being pulled into the shit they abhorred and shunned for life! Such totally shameless persons!!" Furthermore the discussions actually were not about what this achievement in corporate life means to enteral wefare or persons in India. Lastly, it took The Guardian to articulate these uncertainties Actually, Satya Nadella's selection as Microsoft chief executive isn't great for the Indians. But who knows? His dad and father in law (both IAS, friends and from dissimilar castes) look exemplary. May be something good will comes out of it.

Nadella's journey, from being a Hyderabad child to possibly helming one of the world's leading technology corporations is what visions are made of. Born in the city of the Nizams, Nadella got an engineering degree from Manipal University earlier heading off to the United State to pursue his C.S masters from the University of Wisconsin and doing master from the University of Chicago. Nadella was an associate of the technology worker at Sun Microsystems earlier, he attached Microsoft in 1992.

"I cannot vividly remember him as he didn't figure in either end of the spectrum. Records present, he was a first-class student who attained distinction." MIT manager Vinod V Thomas, who educated Satya 25 years ago, told the Times of India some months before once his name cropped up as solitary of the forerunners for the post.

Nadella's identifications may not have been instantly clear in college, but at Microsoft he functioned his way up the ladder, working closely under the guidance of founder and chief executive Bill Gates and assuming numerous significant positions across divisions counting as senior vice president of R&D, vice president.